Monday, 12 December 2016

A new place for our school!

We have finally found a place for our school! It is a little terracotta house in the old village, right behind our house. We can see it very well from our rooftop. It has two big rooms, one small room, a nice courtyard and a toilet. We are very happy to have found it! The rent is 400 rupees per months, which is just €5.50; For now it is very bare and we make do with an old charpoy on which the teacher (Vio) sits and puts the small black board, and some banners and cardboard sheets that work as mats for the pupils to sit on! Hopefully we will be furnishing the new place in the next few days...

Here are some photos...

Entrance The main class room (the hole has been filled since we took the photo!) Cute courtyard Cute courtyard Toilet Toilet The other big room with the charpoy View of the local from our rooftop The street on the left handside of the entrance (and lots of cleaning work to do!)

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