Sunday, 17 June 2018

Vio's blog post about teaching English in Almora

Vio is now in Dharamsala after two months in Almora, teaching English at Sharda Public School.

Click on the image below to read a bit about her teaching experience on her personal blog.

She will be back in Khajuraho mid July.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Three of Aryan's children are starting school again!

Big news about our partnership with Ganpati Association and our sponsorship of Aryan's family - three ot Aryan's children will start school again in July! Thank you Vijay for your hard work during these hot, hot months!

Click on the image below to find out more about this on Ganpati's blog.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Clothing distribution

Vijay organised a clothing distribution from the Ganpati donation in Tikri this morning.


In the meantime, Vio has been teaching English in Sharda Public School in Almora for a week so far, and she is enjoying both the teaching and the weather...!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Hot season: Vio is off to the mountains for three months!

Every year we dread the hot season in Khajuraho, when energy levels start dropping and it almost gets impossible to do anything outside during the day as the heat is so excruciating! Everything becomes a physical pain, especially in May and June when temperatures reach close to 50 degrees! And it is especially difficult for Vio to cope with, as she is European.

This is why this year she tried everything she could to find a job in the Himalayan mountains...

And she found one... in the beautiful city of Almora!

Vio will be teaching English in a local school there for three months, and she believes it will be very good experience for her and a great inspiration to improve The Different School as well!

She will leave on Saturday 7 April and will be back around the end of July.

During Vio's absence we will focus our efforts towards finding some volunteers to teach art and music at The Different School from next Autumn, and we will open the English classes again in August 2018.

The Cloth Bag Project will also be closed during this hot season, but we are very happy with all the bags our women made during the month of March! The fabrics we received were really beautiful, and so are all our new bags!

This suitcase donated to us from Ganpati Norway is now full of great bags which we will focus on selling after Vio's return...

Vijay will be staying in Khajuraho most of this time (although he will also take a well-deserved break from the heat later) so our partnership with Ganpati will continue, i.e. Aryan's family's sponsorship and literacy project.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Presentations of Vijay & Vio on Ganpati's blog

Following their recent visit, Ganpati Norway have posted two entries on their blog introducing Vijay and Vio to their readers, with interviews of both. We are flattered by these beautiful presentations!

Click on the images below to read the presentations.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

News from The Different School & the Cloth Bag Project

Cloth Bag Project

Thanks to our recent generous fabric donations, our Cloth Bag Project started again this week - and with two new women! Another woman from the Old Village, and one we had been wanting to get involved for a while: Aryan's eldest daughter *Roshni (name changed) who will be coming a couple times a week from Tikri.

We registered Roshni to a sewing school about six months ago as part of our sponsorship of Aryan's family in partnership with Ganpati Norway, but for various reasons the school closed and so Roshni could no longer attend the classes. This is why Roshni is now a worker of our Cloth Bag Project, which will allow her family to earn a bit more money and lead them towards (we hope!) self-sufficiency.

We recently sold some more bags, to foreign tourists as well as local shops. For example the Asati General Store has bought fifty small bags from us, and they already want to give us second hand sarees so we can keep on supplying them with bags. It takes time and energy to sell the bags and educate shop keepers towards exposing and selling them to their customers, but we are keeping up the good work, 'slowly slowly'!

The Different School

We have to be honest here; The Different School has not been running very well since Vio came back from Europe at the end of January! Most of our pupils have not been coming at all because of their exams - and we think, lack of motivation! - so we have been running a few English classes to a handful of them only from home. As we all know though, it takes a lot of time and energy to start a new kind of school, especially in rural, poorly-educated India, so won't give in discouragement or give up our efforts! We will resume our classes as normal in the next few weeks.

Besides, we also have some great news! We regularly receive great material donations for the school, from hosts at our homestay, from friends, and even from passers-by! This wouldn't be possible without the great publicity done for us by the French paper guide book Le Guide du Routard!

And so last week our friend and artist Pâquerette Charlas, author of the beautiful Radha & Krishna mural at our homestay, gave us some paint, material for artistic games and activities, as well as two flutes for our music classes.

During the same week we also had the visit of an Australian woman, Mandy, who has been coming to Khajuraho regularly for a few years and who is an... Art Facilitator! In her own words, this means: "although I trained in art therapy, I never really refer to myself as an Art Therapist or as an Art Teacher. I've settled on Arts Facilitator. The idea being that instead of teaching I am just helping to create a conducive environment for people/kids to access their own inner knowing and creativity." Mandy has been running some art workshops with children around her guesthouse for a few weeks and she wants to run art classes at our school when she comes back next Autumn! From what she told and showed us, she has exactly the right mindset for us, working towards liberating creativity - as well as environmental awareness - in children through art and craft. She left us a bag full of great quality art material such as acrylic paint, aquarelles, paper, brushes etc.

Mandy's work, soon with our kids!

The hot season is fast approaching so we won't be looking for volunteer teachers for the school for now, but we are confident we will finally open an art class next season!

We will also be looking for music teachers. Click to find out all the information you need if you wish to volunteer with us.